Isaiah Reid takes his dream further than he could imagine

Drums, that is something that Isaiah Reid has had a passion for since the age of four. He was dedicated to playing the drums everyday until he was faced with a new opportunity.

Reid’s older brother Josh, started playing Discoveries at the time Reid started playing the drums. Isaiah got a chance to practice soccer with his brother’s team and this is when it all started. He started to like soccer, but he was still playing the drums. Reid did not want to give his commitment to the drums up, so he continued playing.

A month went by after Reid continued training with his brothers team. The coach contacted Reid and said that he wanted him to start playing Discoveries because he thought that he had potential at a very young age.

Reid was six at the time, so he would have to play up on a U9 team. He exclaims how the coaches even with his age, thought that he was ready to play.

He still had a choice to make. Reid was skeptical about playing soccer because of his age, so he continued once again to play the drums.

One day, Reid overcame his fears and tried out for the Discoveries team. Even though, he had some doubts, he made the U9 team.

Now, Reid was faced with a big challenge given by his dad. He had to chose between the drums or soccer.

“That was one of the hardest decisions of my life,” Reid said.

Even though Reid did not want to give up playing the drums, in the end he gave up his passion for another.

Reid has been playing soccer since the age of six. Since then, he has recently joined the U16 Charlotte Academy team, playing the position of left back. Last year, Reid scored 12 goals for them in 19 games.

So far this season as a left back Reid has two goals in four games.

Reid playing soccer with his Charlotte Academy team.
Reid playing soccer with his Charlotte Academy team.

Reid is not the only soccer star in his family. His older brother Josh and older sister Christina Reid both have excelled in soccer. Josh played soccer at Queens University, while Christina has furthered her abilities through playing Discoveries and soccer for South Pointe. They have influenced and pushed Isaiah into the soccer player he is today.

“They have definitely molded me into the player I am because we all kinda push each other, but you know them being the older siblings, they kinda look after me and push me to do better,” said Reid.

With the help of his parents, but mainly his brother and sister help calming him down and making sure that “his head is on right,”  Reid has taken his passion for soccer to the next level.

Monday, Reid announced his commitment to play soccer at Clemson University. He is only a sophomore and has been given the opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

 “I definitely did not think that it would come this soon, this stuff I dream of, but I mean when I was six years old I could not even imagine committing to Clemson and getting all this stuff so early, so it has definitely been a blessing,” Reid said.

Clemson is ranked number three in the nation for soccer, which helped make Reid’s choice a little easier. Not to mention he fell in love with the academics and the atmosphere. He just knew that it was the perfect school for him.

His commitment may restrict him from further offers, but Reid is not worried because he knows he picked the best school for him. Referring to Clemson, Reid states, “you can’t get better than that.”

Reid plans to continue playing for his Charlotte Academy team and training. One day he hopes to fulfill his dream of going pro, but in the mean time he will focus on himself, where he is now.

Click on the link below to see a glimpse of Reid’s soccer experience in Amsterdam this summer:

By Shelby Beckler, editor in chief