South Pointe’s Tiger Fans Savor National Football Championship

With nine seconds left on the clock quarterback Deshaun Watson took the snap in the shotgun and rolled out to the right and he threw the ball and found wide receiver Hunter Renfrow in the end zone. With one second on the clock and for the first time in 35 years Clemson was called National Champions of college football.

“To be honest it felt like something out of a movie, out of body experiment and experience, said Clemson Co Offensive Coordinator Jeff Scott said last Thursday. “Everybody went crazy and it took a little while before it set in that we had just won a National Championship.”
Of course for the Clemson fans, it was beyond nerve wracking, but they still had hope in their team. Stallion Darcy Roberts was able to experience history being made in Clemson football, being the only member of her immediate family to get a ticket. She traveled with her aunt and uncle’s family to the National Championship. Roberts had a feeling that came over her during the game and she knew that the Tigers were going to win.

“When we recovered the onside kick, I couldn’t believe it.  I felt like I was living in a dream and the whole thing was so unreal,” said Roberts.

After the final play was called, the stadium became electrifying. Confetti filled the field and went everywhere, creating a magical atmosphere.

They did not finish celebrating in Tampa; they carried it to their home in Clemson.

The stadium and the town was full of energy on Saturday morning with 65,000 people in the small town of Clemson,  which would not be this packed on a weekend in January typically. The feeling of knowing what was going to take place later that day was just over overwhelming for any fan who had been keeping up with the team for years now, fans like senior TJ Hill, whose family got a hotel room in Seneca to be able to get to the stadium by 8 a.m.

Himself no stranger to football championships, Hill is an offensive lineman on the Stallion team, which has won three consecutive state titles.

Hill couldn’t believe how many fans were already at the stadium when he arrived. And then the lower deck, where he and his family found seats, filled up and the upper decks had to be opened. Orange and purple-clad people just kept coming. There were fans wearing the gray “PROVEN” national champ gear.

Hill was touched when Coach Dabo Swinney pointed out how the verse Phlilipians 4:13, a team touchstone, kind of came to life when Clemson’s Number 4 threw to Number 13 to win the game. Seeing the players Saturday pass around the gold trophy and kissing it really helped ease the pain of not being able to go to Tampa and see that down there.

Hill snapped this picture Saturday as Coach Dabo Swinney presented the National Championship trophy.
Hill snapped this picture Saturday as Coach Dabo Swinney presented the National Championship trophy.

“And, for one last time, we got to see those seniors run down that hill,” Hill said.

By Shelby Beckler, editor in chief, Clemson footage by Darcy Roberts and T.J Hill