The New Talk in Town: Burgers and Barley

A new and raving restaurant in Rock Hill is Burgers and Barley. The restaurant, located on 111 Cherry Road, was opened towards the end of the 2016 year and has already received great reviews from locals.

This is the view of the restaurant before you walk inside.
This is the view of the restaurant before you walk inside.

From the outside, the building isn’t very eye-catching or appealing, but as soon as you walk in the doors, you are taken back by the incredible interior design and layout of the room. There is almost a mix of modern and western themes, adorned with rustic wooden tables and stools. The place accommodates plenty of guests, including a variety of booths and tables, and a bar area.

This is the overall interior design of Burger and Barley's.
This is the overall interior design of Burger and Barley’s.

The restaurant also has many great features including multiple televisions for different sporting events and even a jukebox.

It’s their uniqueness in food though that really draws people to Burgers and Barley. The menu has plenty of items to choose from, not just burgers although they are a specialty. On the menu, there are different variations of wings, macaroni and cheese, chicken sandwiches, salads, etc. Their menu also includes unique burgers such as the Fried Mac Burger, which is a burger with macaroni and cheese served on Texas Toast, as well as the Clean Eatin’ Burger every vegetarian and vegan would love. They even serve burgers on glazed donuts.

This is the Clean Eatin' Buger.
This is the Clean Eatin’ Burger with sweet potato fries.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of burgers, so I ordered the Ultimate Three Cheese macaroni and cheese. It was a pretty decent portion considering the price. The macaroni and cheese tasted different than what they would serve at different restaurants, but in a good way.

The Ultimate Three Cheese Mac and Cheese.
The Ultimate Three Cheese Mac and Cheese.

Although the food was great, the service was questionable. I ate there around 2 p.m. when it was not busy, but our waitress never once refilled our drinks and seldom checked on us during our meal.

Despite the bad service though, the restaurant still receives a four out of five star rating because of its individuality. The overall quality of food and reasonable prices make this restaurant affordable for any kind of occasion. Although there is a small bar, the place is very family-friendly. If you’re looking for food that is different, I would recommend Burgers and Barley.

By Kaylea Dresner, managing editor