School Improvement Council wins Riley Award

Vy Mai, Editor in Chief

On Saturday Mar. 18, South Pointe’s School Improvement Council, SIC, won the Riley Award for exemplary civic engagement in public education. The award was presented at the 2017 South Carolina SIC Annual Meeting held at the South Carolina State Museum.

The Riley Award given to South Pointe's SIC.
The Riley Award given to South Pointe’s Student Improvement Council.

The SIC is composed of educators, community members, students, and parents whose goal is to serve as an advisory group to South Pointe. They voice concerns and problems that are present in the school and district’s environment, such as overpopulation in the schools and budgeting.

The Student Improvement Council was recognized for their outstanding achievement and civic engagement on behalf of South Pointe; therefore, they were presented with the Riley Award.

The Riley Award is named after former U.S. education secretary and state’s former governor, Richard Riley and his late wife. This was created in 2002 to acknowledge the contributions from more than 1,200 improvement councils across South Carolina.

“It was wonderful to win the Riley Award. It proves that we not only have great things going on in academics and extracurriculars at South Pointe, but we also have fantastic parent engagement,” said chair of South Pointe’s SIC, Rebecca Gilleland.

This is a great achievement for the Student Improvement Council to accomplish. It shows how great the community is in trying to help make South Pointe the best it can be. Hopefully, our SIC will be recognized for their outstanding work numerous times in the future.