Art Class Hopes to Win Vans Custom Art Competition

Cassidy Clark, Editor-in-Chief

South Pointe’s Art 1 students have entered their designs to the Vans Custom Art Competition.

This competition is for high school students to “embrace their creativity” through their art and design to earn $50,000 for the visual art department. Winners are selected by voting online at through May 10. 

The art class first decided to enter after freshman Riley Funke saw an ad on Instagram and asked art teacher Ashley Beard if they could enter. The art class had competed in the competition before in 2015, but didn’t last year due to the fact there wasn’t any class participation.

Since South Pointe is a STEAM school, Beard thought the design process and authentic world experience was right up their alley.

The students created designs on paper for four different categories: Art, Music, Actions Sports, and Local Flavor. The class then went through and chose the best ones and combined different elements for the actual shoes. The designs on the shoes were contributed by Kyndall Cureton, Demarcus Wherry, Ash Potter, Matthew Shoaf, Candace Otten and Emily Watson. In addition, students Alexia Rodriguez, Jamie Robinson, Corey Craven and Funke worked on painting and sculpting the shoes.

One of the art designs the art class made.
One of the art designs the art class created.

If they do win, Beard would like to put some of the money towards a mural and the rest to equipment for our new ceramics and sculpture class that will be beginning next year.