Tensions Rise in Game Against Ridgeview


Maddie Taylor and Vy Mai

Last night’s win over Ridgeview High School, 56-19, was filled with adversity that was crucial in the final outcome of the game.

It was the final minutes of the first half, the game was all South Pointe so far, with the score 24-14. On a quarterback keeper, Derion Kendrick busted through the Blazer’s defensive line and was headed for the endzone. Suddenly, Kendrick was tackled and his helmet came flying off with yellow flags thrown everywhere. As a result of the flags, Kendrick was ejected for the rest of the game.

This call, including many other calls, were very questionable in the eyes of Stallion fans. Leading up to the ejection call, there were numerous times that Ridgeview got away with chippy plays and penalties.

The Stallions never lost hope and confidence to let Ridgeview take over the game: they never had that in mind. Despite how upset the Stallions could have been, they were ready to improvise.

The team needed no pep talks from the coaches after all the controversy. Defensive Coordinator Coach Jason Winstead believed that the team was confident and all they needed to do was relax and play the game.

Safety B.J. Davis states in regard to Kendrick being ejected, “I was kinda upset, but I knew I had to step up for my team.”

Coming into the game for Kendrick was Sophomore Tahleek Steele. Steele’s teammates were right there for him for extra motivation, but Steele was not in the need for it, he was ready to get the win.

“I was pretty confident. The team motivated me to go out and do my best and the coaches came out there and motivated me, I was ready,” Steele states.

Tahleek Steele comes in for quarterback after Derion Kendrick was ejected.

Steele was not blinded by the bright lights that shined on him, he just treated it like it was a regular practice and played like he knew he could. The team rallied around Steele, scoring two touchdowns and one field goal in the second half.

Not only did the offense rally around Steele, the defense did too. The game plan for the defense was simple, “keep hitting until they lay down,” states DB Jaylen Mahoney.

That was exactly what the Stallion defensive unit did. They shut Ridgeview out in the second half, having an interception with a touchdown by defensive end, Eli Adams off a Ridgeview fumble.

Eli Adams has eyes on the ball, which he recovers and runs into the endzone.

The team was very proud and thankful of Steele’s dominating performance in the second half.

In reference to Steele’s performance, Davis states that he did “amazing, he stepped up when we needed him to.”

The case is still not closed on if Kendrick will play or not for next Friday’s away game against Westwood. South Pointe will be ready to win no matter who is quarterback.

Although there was much controversy in the game, the Stallions pulled through and got the win in order to keep their undefeated record in the season and in region play.

“We did pretty well last night with the situation we were in and everybody really played as good as they could. It was a big win last night,” K/P B.T. Potter reflects.