The Diner for Everyone


Landry Parrish and Maddie Neil

The Rock Hill Diner, the new restaurant on Cherry Road, offers a variety of home style cooking that is sure to please those who dine. This new restaurant in town that everyone is raving about, has just what you are craving, from burgers to pasta. After being welcomed by the hostess, we were sat down in a booth and treated with excellent service. This family friendly atmosphere offers a good welcoming feeling.

The Rock Hill Diner is open from six in the morning to nine at night, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer many types of sandwiches, burgers, and even Italian food. We received our burger and chicken quickly with our hot fries that were fresh out the fryer and fried squash that was hot and crispy.

The prices range from six to ten dollars, which is reasonable for the amount of food they give. There is plenty of parking for the diner to be on the busy Cherry Road. We were very impressed with the service and the fresh food this place has to offer. This clean diner with a variety of food choices has something for everyone. It will be a place I will definitely come back to and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good local restaurant to come and dine.