Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids

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Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids

Vy Mai, Editor in Chief

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Today is Halloween: the day where children go around asking for free candy. Halloween has always been a fun holiday to celebrate because of the unlimited candy and various amount of costumes. Although Halloween is known to mostly be for children, teenagers should also be able to participate in this event and not be shamed for it.

People, specifically, teenagers should be allowed to go trick-or-treating in their favorite costumes and not be judged for it.

In eighth grade, I remember going trick-or-treating with my friends in a small neighborhood. I remember walking up to this one house and a woman opening the door. She questioned me and my friends and told us that we were too old to go around asking for candy.

Then I see her young son crawl from behind her and remember thinking to myself, “Why would this woman not let her son go trick-or-treating?”

She refused to give us, preteens, candy and we just moved onto the other houses.

After this happened, I felt like the woman was right and that I shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween because I was too old. Then I remembered that I should not worry about what that one woman thought and that I should just do what I enjoy. I have been trick-or-treating every year since then.

From this, we can take that people, no matter the age, should not be ashamed to celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating. There should be no judgement on a day where everyone is having fun. We need to take away the “social norm” of believing that Halloween is just for kids, when in reality, it is for anyone who enjoys having a good time.