Battle of the Undefeated


Vy Mai and Maddie Taylor

Tonight, South Pointe will face York in a competitive match for the region title.

While the Stallions have an undefeated record, York has lost one game, leaving their record at 8-1. Despite this, both teams are undefeated in region, 4-0, and prepared to play to win this title.

Throughout the whole season, the Stallions have played teams that seemed like no match, but this Friday night will be different.

Head Varsity Football Coach Herron states, “Like any game, you get concerned and we’re getting to that part of the year where we have some people banged up and injured. It concerns me and I’ve felt more on edge this week than I have all year.”

In order to beat a talented York team, the Stallions will need to play lights out and with no regrets.

“This week is gonna be a big game. York’s a pretty good team and we’re just gonna have to play really well. I feel like we can beat them if we play up to our potential,” K/P B.T. Potter said.

Not only are the Stallions playing for a region title, they are also playing for the seniors. With tonight being Senior Night, the Stallion seniors are going to be playing with an extra motivation.

Senior Quarterback Derion Kendrick states, “It’s my last game of the regular season, my senior night. We can’t go out with a loss, so it’s motivating me to win. There’s a lot of emotion into it and I just feel like it’ll be a big and good game for all of the seniors.”

For some of the Stallion seniors, it’s hard to believe it is senior night, as senior Safety Justin Reese states “it doesn’t feel real.” In the blink of an eye, the class of 2018 freshman became seniors.

“I never thought that senior night would be this big of a deal, but it’s sad playing for four years and knowing it’s the last game of the regular season,” Potter states.

Despite concerns, Herron strongly believes that we are South Pointe and all that the team can do is take care of what they can control and let the rest work itself out.

Emotions will be running high tonight in this highly anticipated match up in region. Will the Stallions prevail?