Controversy at the Corral


Scott Robinson, Contributor

On Friday night, Oct. 27 2017, the South Pointe Stallions defeated the York Cougars 41-27 in the region championship. Before the game, words were tossed around by both teams on the predicted outcome of the game, and of course there was tension between the two during the contest for the title.

One thing the Stallions have always done is play with confidence, attitude, and swagger.

On play 107, Cornerback #14 Jamari Currence, forced an incompletion on a huge third down to give the Stallions momentum. Subsequently, Currence celebrated his very critical stop.

On the same play, York’s Running Back #25 Stephen Oglesby, was injured.

York students and fans had a lot to voice after the game.

One student, referring to how the Stallion players dance and celebrate the plays they made said, “The way SP players act on the field is ridiculous.”

Currence said, “I can’t really control what they think. I’ve been injured before, I definitely wasn’t celebrating the injury, but if we see the Cougars again I will just pick it for 6 next time so there will be no confusion.”

The next morning, another student directly told me (#12) on Twitter, “…you nor the rest of your team is humble. A humble person won’t celebrate hurting someone. I used to respect you and the way you held yourself but after last night, you lost a lot of respect from a lot of people.”

Senior Justin Reese isn’t bothered by the talk from the fans, he said, “I don’t really listen to them, I just play ball and have fun.”

It seems like the Stallions feed off the hatred they receive from other schools.

Strong Safety BJ Davis said that when other teams call them cocky, it just makes him want to play harder.

The Stallions are used to being the state’s least favorite team. So I guess you can expect to see the 3x defending state champions play even harder during this playoff season due to all the motivation York and the rest of South Carolina has given them.