From Baltimore to Rock Hill, JC McCorn Continues to Stay Strong


Maddie Taylor , Sports Editor

Robert Schuller once said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Senior guard JC McCorn lives by this quote. Throughout his tough times, such as living in bad neighborhoods or suffering concussions, McCorn has always looked back to this quote to remind him to stay strong.

One of the biggest tests in McCorn’s life was losing loved ones. McCorn lost his Grandfather in December of 2016. Shortly after his Grandfather’s death, his Grandmother passed away in February of 2017. McCorn’s grandparents helped raised him and meant the world to him.

McCorn states in remembrance of his grandparents, “They always put me and my siblings first and showed me what hard work is by example on the daily basis.”

In the process of recovering from his grandparents death, McCorn’s aunt passed away in 2017.

“It was the toughest moment of my life. There were moments I didn’t want to do anything, not even play basketball, which was weird because basketball was something I wanted to do 24/7. But I learned to use their deaths as motivation. I made promises to all of them that I’d get scholarships to play in college. They believed in me more than anyone,” McCorn reminiscences.

Dealing and coping with these deaths have made McCorn stronger mentally and that has shown in his play.

McCorn states, “Basketball is extremely similar to my life. There’s constantly ups and downs and you can’t get too high or too low. Just trying to stay level is extremely important. I don’t make every shot, I don’t win every game, and I make mistakes, but I still work my hardest and try to do my best.”

McCorn moved to Rock Hill after his father got a promotion to become the President of Clinton Junior College. Moving at such a late part of high school can be really hard on an individual because of all of the friendships that have been made, but this was nothing new to McCorn. He has moved to four different states throughout his childhood years, so McCorn tried to embrace the move with open arms.

“Moving was bitter sweet. I needed a change of scenery even though it was unexpected and Rock Hill has been good to me. It was hard moving to a new team because I’d grown up with my old teammates,” McCorn expresses.

The first day as a Stallion, McCorn met his new teammates. This was challenging for McCorn since he used to be “the guy” at his old school and he was coming into a team that he was not familiar with. He had to start all over and build new chemistry with his teammates. His Stallion teammates embraced him and constantly supported him to be aggressive and play with confidence.

The move to Rock Hill has brought in relationships and brotherhood that will last forever. One of the friendships that McCorn will treasure forever is one made with his teammate, Andarius Boulware. Their friendship has helped them push each other to become better.

Their friendship has helped them not only to push each other, but to see results. Knowing each other on and off the court help each other connect during the game.

Boulware states in reference to their relationship on the court, “Our friendship helps the chemistry a lot on the court because when we are on the court, I already know what he is thinking. This helps us keep us one step ahead of the defense.”

Head Varsity Men’s Basketball Coach Watson has also made an impact on McCorn’s life. McCorn looks to Coach Watson as a role model because of the success he has had in his basketball career. Coach Watson is always there to help McCorn whenever he needs advice on his game or the future.

McCorn’s future looks promising, getting interest from many colleges, such as Montclaire State University, Rider University, Newberry, and Queens University. The attention from these colleges has pushed McCorn to work harder to perfect his craft.

“Knowing that my hard work isn’t going unnoticed means a lot to me and it motivates me to work harder everyday knowing that there are schools interested in me. I’m just really blessed to even be noticed by colleges,” McCorn states.

Not only has Watson impacted McCorn’s life on the court, but also off the court. Watson has helped McCorn and his teammates learn what it takes to be a strong and successful man.

Being strong in the face of adversity is something the basketball team this year has had to face. Starting off the year strong, facing some setbacks later in the season, the Stallions have continued to fight till the end. McCorn knows what it takes to stand strong in front of adversity, since he has dealt with it his whole life. This is just another test that McCorn is ready to fight through with his brothers.