Presents or Peril: It’s The Love That Counts

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Presents or Peril: It’s The Love That Counts

Cassidy Clarke, Reporter

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial holidays that causes a stir up from those with and without significant others. Ever since Christmas ended, stores have been piling up with red and pink cards, candy, and stuffed animals in hopes that they will be bought by those in relationships.

“I think it’s a day to show another person how much they mean to you and how much they’re worth,” says 11th grader Isaac Harvell.

Ahmad Hall, a 10th grader says, “I feel like Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving someone romantically, I think you can celebrate it with anyone you appreciate. I think the holiday is about spreading love to friends and family. Even if you don’t want to spread love to even those people, you can use the day to love yourself.”

Many other students agreed with Hall’s statement.

“Self-love is a big issue right now and if Valentine’s Day is a way for people to love themselves, I’m all for it.” says 10th grader Jordan Worthy.

Of course with those who love the holiday, there are some that aren’t really as fond with it.

Another 10th grader, Victoria Guerra, says “I guess it could be good if you had a significant other, I think it’s great but I do think it’s hyped up a lot.”

“I think it’s a way for companies to get money from people because their significant other will get mad, if they don’t buy anything for them, but it also makes people happy when their significant other gets them a present,” said sophomore Jenna George. George also has strong opinions on the holiday due to her history with it.

“Last year on Valentine’s Day, the boy I was dating forgot to get me something. That night he showed up to my house at 10 p.m. with two boxes of nerds and flowers. To add to that, he didn’t even come to the door. He pulled up and told me to come to his car,” explained George.

Overall, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love or a significant other but more about loving the people around you. It’s about appreciating your family and friends. It also means enjoying the candy on sale the day afterwards.