Sake Japan, an Authentic Japanese Experience


Briana Monteith and Maddie Neil

Sake Japan, located beside Moe’s on Cinema Drive, replaced Fuel Pizza in the popular area around Manchester Cinema.  

Upon entering Sake, we greeted by a smiling cashier ready to take our order. You can order dine in or carry out, but they do not deliver. Sake displays their full menu on flat screens above the cash register.

Sake Japan offers a variety of Japanese food with very affordable prices ranging from $4 to $15. They offer noodles, hibachi and teriyaki chicken and steak, bento boxes, and different sides. They even offer vegetarian and vegan options such as vegetables meals and tofu.

The bowl closest is vegetable noodles, which costs $6 and the other bowl is teriyaki chicken with rice for $9.

Sake only serves lunch and dinner opening at 11 AM. Monday through Thursday they close at 9:30PM, Friday through Saturday they close at 10PM, and Sunday they close at 9PM.

After ordering at the front, we picked a table of our choice and waited only 10 minutes for our food. The food is cooked on huge stovetops right after you order, so everything is fresh.

Sake Japan is located in a very popular place in Rock Hill. This would be the perfect restaurant to go to before a movie because of it’s cheap prices, high quality food and quick service.

We would definitely come back to Sake anytime to hang out with friends and have a good time. We recommend Sake to anybody looking for cheap but fresh and tasteful Japanese food.