Cinnaholic: A New Addiction


Cashan McCoy, Managing Editor

Indian Trail, North Carolina has made the destination of an hour drive a pretty sweet experience. After sitting in a car with your taste buds watering at the thought of your favorite indulgences, and your stomach telling you, “I NEED SOMETHING SWEET,” Cinnaholic greets you with pleasant cinnamon smell, reassuring your senses that you won’t be disappointed.

Cinnaholic, a completely vegan cinnamon roll bakery, just had their grand opening in Indian Trail, North Carolina on March 2nd, welcoming all vegans and people with a sweet tooth to try their creative treats. As soon as you enter, you’re stopped by a long line, which convinces you that it’ll be worth the wait. While you wait, there’s trendy music, such as the catchy song 2U by David Guetta, and displays of Cinnaholic’s tasty combinations, including a Charlotte favorite “Long Live the Queen City,” with crumbled Oreos and chocolate sauce.

The line is long, but Cinnaholic’s quick delivery makes time fly by.

The displays, and menu, show that there is an option for everyone: chocoholics, fruit lovers, nut enthusiasts, cookie monsters, and anyone else! Not to mention, Cinnaholic has made these usually dense, unhealthy delicacies much more lightened up while simultaneously preserving the flavors everyone enjoys!

When it’s finally time to order any cinnamon roll combination you’ve ever dreamed of, the friendly staff warmly greets you. You pick a frosting flavor for $0.25 each and add your toppings for $0.50 each! If you’re not the cinnamon roll type, Cinnaholic also offers other homemade vegan treats such as cookies and brownies.

The menu offers many vegan options that are still appealing.

A cinnamon roll with one frosting and two toppings comes out to be around six dollars, which is a great price for a delicious cinnamon roll bigger than your palm! At Cinnaholic, it’s easy to stay under $10 with a vegan goody and an organic drink.

After your fresh, sweet creation is complete, they hand it to you in a to go box and you have the option to either sit at one of the tables inside, or go outside to sit by the Sun Valley movie theatre, a pond, at one of the many surrounding restaurants, or near the developing establishments in the area.

Displayed is a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and cookie dough on top, costing $5.90 in total.

It’s refreshing to see a new place open that has options for vegans, people with dairy intolerances, or people who just want to enjoy their favorite treats with a healthier twist. Not only does Cinnaholic bring a creative way to cheaply eat guilt free, but it also brings people together who are looking for healthy alternatives and living an overall healthier lifestyle!