Review: Ye vs. the People – Kanye West (feat. T.I.)

Zarionna Robinson, Reporter

Kanye West is a captivating figure. Many believe him to be a genius in both the world of music and in the way he manipulates himself for the sake of his appearance to society. Others find him presumptuous and unapologetic. Either way West has always had a supportive fan base regardless of all of the random, ignorant and just flat out crazy things that he has made himself apart of.

Kanye West has always pushed the boundaries of society when expressing himself to others. For example, in some of his most recent work he has chosen to address yet another set of issues he sees as political travesties.

West’s “Ye vs. The People” is a full on debate about his alignment with Donald Trump. The song, which was released late night on April 27, stars T.I as the voice of the enraged people who have supported West and feel betrayed by his most recent actions. West used the song as an opportunity to express his audacious political views and sort of explain them in a way that “the people” could understand them.

He begins the song by saying Obama was heaven sent, but ever since Trump won, it proved he could become president. Immediately, Kanye’s fan base is taken aback because society wants to believe that Obama becoming the first African American president would allow for others like him in the future. In reality West is more like Trump, bullheaded, opinionated and brutish, so in making this statement he means that if American is willing enough to let Trump run the country, then he has a solid chance at doing the same.

Most people listen to this song and assume that it is just another insane idea that West has brewed up in his mind in order to vex the sensible people in society when in fact that is the exact opposite of why the song was created. Kanye West believes in unifying the people of America and going against the grain of every stereotypical thing society expects him to do.

In the song, he is attacking the conventional lockstep readiness of black politicians and civilians to follow the same cerebral sentiments laid out for them for the last past five decades. As King Trending said referring to Childish Gambino’s “This is America”,  West challenges America’s idea of progress by taking the same hand that has been patting our backs and shattering every bone in it.

West knows that the rest of the world will listen to his music, so instead of rapping about drugs and money he treats them like a public service announcement. He uses this particular song to urge listeners to rethink the current disputes of society.

The song itself has caused many controversial debates since being released, however, it has opened the eyes of many of America’s “woke” society. With the way West has presented society’s ignorance to itself while also allowing the song to be something that you would want to play continuously, I’d call this one a win.