South Pointe Welcomes New Athletic Director


Charlotte McGuinness, Entertainment Editor

On July 2, Adam Hare started as the new athletic director for South Pointe High School.

Ending the 2017-2018 school year as the athletic director of Sullivan Middle School, Coach Hare decided to apply for the job as the athletic director for South Pointe High School, taking over for Lance Roberts after his retirement.

During the last week of the school year, Hare’s first interview for the position took place with South Pointe’s new principal, Dr. Marty Conner and a South Pointe administrator, Mr. Anthony Thomas. The job application process took around three to four weeks, including an interview with Dr. Bill Cook, Rock Hill school district’s superintendent, and Dr. Tanya Campbell.

After Hare’s second interview, he contacted Conner during the summer, asking about the availability of the job, wondering if it was yet to be taken.

While waiting to find out if he got the job, Hare became doubtful about his probability of getting the job.

“Someone may have had a sports administration degree or just may be a better fit than me, so I began to highly doubt the job opportunity becoming mine,” said Hare, explaining his doubts and fears about not getting the job.

Instead of letting his fears take over, Hare and his family began to pray about getting the job and just continuing to follow “God’s plan”. Praying to Ephesians 3:20 before his big interview, his faith helped him keep his head up high after not hearing back for awhile.

After 4 weeks of waiting to hear about the job, Conner made the call to Hare giving him the good news. Hare started at South Pointe in early July, ecstatic about his new job.

Conner was very impressed with Hare saying, ”Coach Hare’s experience in athletics, with the Rock Hill School District, and philosophy made him a great choice. He is passionate about supporting our student athletes on the field and in school. He believes in developing our athletes character and leadership. These experiences and belief made an excellent choice for where we are now as an athletic department and where we are headed.”

Already having experience with athletic directing at Sullivan Middle School, Hare understood what the job had in store and the time and effort it would take to excel at this job.

Within the first weeks of receiving the job, and even before, Hare began building relationships with the staff of South Pointe, including coaches from other schools and former athletic directors.

All while having a wife and three children, Hare was extremely focused on being able to keep his family time a priority while doing well with his job.

Along with being a family and faith based man, Hare is also known for being a huge sports fan. Playing football, basketball, and soccer while running track and cross country in high school, Hare is very experienced when it comes to playing sports.

Along with participating in athletics himself, Hare is also known as a physical education teacher, as well as coaching for many teams at multiple schools. Starting his coaching career at Wearsholes High School coaching soccer, he continued to coach at Lancaster High School. He also coached basketball, football, cross country, and track for Lancaster and then Sullivan Middle School.

Coaching for many ages and many different sports, Hare began to grow a love for coaching middle school students and especially coaching basketball. Middle school students allowed Hare to help develop their skills while their young and set them up for high school and even college sports.

Experienced in athletic directing and sports, South Pointe was still a big transition for Hare because of the amount of sports, athletes, and coaches that needed to be accounted for and taken care of.

South Pointe can agree that Coach Hare has already began to improve South Pointe athletics and will continue to make a name for himself in the school.

Dr. Conner stated, “I’ve been impressed with Coach Hare’s commitment, hard work, and dedication to support our coaches and student athletes. I expect him to be a asset to South Pointe for years to come.”