Review: The Hate U Give

Diamond Hemphill, Reporter

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“The Hate U Give” is based on the best-selling novel of the same name and was written by Angie Thomas. The film adaptation, directed by George Tillman Jr. and written by Audrey Well, was released on Oct. 5, 2018 and became critically acclaimed by fans and audiences alike, based on its “Rotten Tomato Score” of 78%. The movie holds a 132 minute run-time with a PG-13 rating.

Amandla Stenberg, staring as the main character ‘Starr’, switches between two different lives. She lives in a poor, mostly black neighborhood and goes to a rich majority-white school. She keeps her lives separate from one another making sure no one can say she acts too “high class” or “low class”.

Starr’s best-friend, Khalil, was shot by a police officer that pulled the two teens over at night. A simple traffic stopped changed the teens’ lives forever and relates to similar situations people of the African American community face today.

Throughout the movie, Starr is battling with keeping her identity a secret because she was the only witness to Khalil’s shooting. Not only does she have to deal with her two lives colliding, she has to deal with the ‘drug lords’, who play a major role in the film and book’s plot.

The movie isn’t just about racial profile, but also about the metaphorical and physical fight between young black men and police. The movie sends multiple messages in hopes of their voices being heard in today’s society. The biggest strength in this movie is how the characters got the message across. So much passion was put into this movie. It is very hard to find a weakness in the movie when it deals with real life problems in the world that no one wants to speak on.

This movie stands out to young black men, women, and families who have lost their child to police brutality and shootings. The movie heavily impacts many, but may come off as derogatory to a certain audience.

 I recommend seeing this movie in theaters with a group of people. I feel that watching this movie with a group of friends can lead to different opinions on the movie and great discussions.  It’s a very heavy movie, but all in all, I recommend “The Hate U Give” to everyone.