Ariana Grande Releases Her Long-awaited Music Video for “thank u, next”

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Ever since Ariana Grande randomly dropped her newest hit “thank u, next”, fans have been awaiting the music video. After teasers after teasers, on Friday, Nov. 30, she released it. This video is what some may call her best, and I totally agree. This video made YouTube history for the most views in the first 24 hours it was released.

This video brought us a mash up of four of the most iconic rom-coms, including the likes of “Mean Girls”, “Bring It On”, “13 Going On 30”, and “Legally Blonde”.

Not only did fans get excited seeing the mix between those but the video only got better after a few celebrities were included.

The video starts with YouTube own Colleen Bollinger and snaps to Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in the “Mean Girls” movie. Another YouTube star, Gabi DeMartino was added and so was a current icon in pop music, Troye Sivan. Bethany Byrd also made an appearance, who if you didn’t know, Regina George actually punched in the face during the referenced movie. We also get a peak of her “Victorious” co-star, Elizabeth Gilles, who plays the role of Cady Herron in the music video.

While going onto the next verse, we are taken to a world of “Bring It On”, starring Matt Bennett, another “Victorious” co-star of hers. While we didn’t get any celebrity action in the “13 Going on 30” scene, we see a few familiar faces in “Legally Blonde.” Jennifer Coolidge made an appearance as Grande’s nail tech. The video took an end with the most iconic talent show scene from Mean Girls, where we’re shown our favorite “cool mom”, played by Kris Jenner.

To see the full video and all its glory, click the link below!