South Pointe Head Football Coach Retires


Source: WRHI News Radio

Charlotte McGuinness, Sports Editor

Coach Strait Herron announced his retirement from coaching South Pointe’s football team, along with teaching at the school, at the end of the Stallions last football game of the season on Nov. 16, against Daniel High School.

Herron decided to retire from teaching and coaching for the Stallions because “I am getting older and there are opportunities to remove myself from public education while still being able to coach”.

As he will be retiring from South Pointe, he does not see this as the end of his coaching career. He plans on finding a new coaching position in time but the specifics are not yet determined.

Contrary to some beliefs, Herron decided solely to retire from public education rather than for a new coaching position, although he does plan to continue coaching football.

When asked about relaying the news to teachers and students, Herron said, “It was really sad making the announcement.  Knowing how long I waited to get a position like this and knowing eight years was not long enough was hard to comprehend. I wish South Pointe had been built twenty eight years ago and I wish I would have been the head coach here for all twenty eight years”.

Herron has not only been the head coach for South Pointe’s football team for eight years straight, but as mentioned in South Pointe Coach named fastest coach to get 100 wins, has coached for 32 years, 12 being at South Pointe.

Along with being a well-known coach around S.C., he has earned many awards consisting of the 2018 National Coach of the Year and the fastest football coach to get 100 wins. Herron will also be the Head Coach for the East Team in the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, T.X. The game will be televised on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019 live on NBC at 11:00 am EST.

He has not only won many awards, but also touched many of the lives of his players.

“Every time a player left our program knowing what their next step was going to be and were prepared to do it were my proudest moments”.

Herron will be known for his legacy as a coach after retirement from South Pointe in players, teachers, coaches, and students.

“I think our legacy is going to be building success.  We have always had success in football here but I feel that we took it to another level.  I hope my time as head coach will be remembered as creating success and doing it the “right way”.

Not only will Herron leave an impact at South Pointe, but South Pointe has impacted him.

“South Pointe has given my family some of the fondest memories in our lives. There is nothing like Friday night football at the Corral! I have met so many wonderful people and made many friendships that will follow me for the rest of my life.  Also I give thanks for South Pointe allowing me to do some very special things like traveling and speaking at football coaching clinics, coaching in the All-American game, and flying to the Nike Corporate Office to meet with some of the best high school coaches in the country.  Not to mention being named National Coach of the Year”.

Although Herron is retiring from South Pointe, he makes it clear that it was not an easy choice and he will miss the school and the people immensely. He has grown not only as a coach but as a person as well from the lives of players, staff, parents, students, coaches, and the game.

“Believe it or not, my players will believe it, I will miss practicing!”

Herron will be officially retired from South Pointe Jan. 1, 2019.

“I will miss all of my friends, players, coaches, custodians, teachers, administrators, parents and each and every Stallion”.