South Pointe Football Coaches Lead in All American Bowl


Charlotte McGuinness, Entertainment Editor

South Pointe’s former head coach, Strait Herron, and offensive coordinator Jason McManus coached in the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas on Sat., Jan. 5.

Herron was the head coach of the Eastern team, along with McManus holding the position of offensive coordinator. The two coaches helped lead the Eastern team to a victory, winning 48-14.

McManus has been coaching at South Pointe for 5 years and gives players the training and skill they need to make it to the next level.

“I was really honored and humbled to be chosen to represent South Pointe High School as the offensive coordinator for the East in the 2019 All-American Game. I was very humbled to be coaching the greatest high school players in the Country and the 48-14 win by our team was a great reward for a week of hard work,” McManus said.

Herron recently retired from coaching football at South Pointe, but will not retire from coaching completely.

Although Herron has been a coach for the Eastern team twice now, he continues to see being chosen as a huge honor.

“Being selected was an unreal feeling. Last year I was asked to be an assistant coach but being asked back to be the head coach the very next year makes me feel like I did something right last year. It was a feeling of much pride. The experience impacted me by reminding me of the importance of relationships. I met so many down-to-earth people who have my same interests. It is hard to explain the whole experience but it was incredible,” Herron said.