Review: The Bachelor Season 23


Season 23 of the Bachelor premiered Jan. 27, 2019 starring Colton Underwood, former free agent for the NFL San Diego Chargers.

Underwood was a familiar face to the Bachelor and Bachelorette family as he was on the 14th season of the Bachelorette and the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Underwood was followed by a dating pool of women from across the nation. Many of the women continually joked about his purity, which was made public by Underwood and the reality show.

Filming from Sept. to Nov. of 2018, Underwood and his bachelorettes traveled to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, and Spain.

Beginning with 30 women, he was known for sending women home outside of rose ceremonies or the ladies leaving on their own.

With many controversies deriving throughout the weeks in the house, one stood out to many. Miss North Carolina 2018, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Miss Alabama 2018, Hannah Brown, come to the house with old drama, bringing it back to life on week three.

After resolving their differences in week four, Miller-Keyes revealed she defends herself so strongly as a protection system because of what she had been through.

Miller-Keyes disclosed to the Bachelor nation that she had been sexually assaulted in college, advocating for women around the world that they can speak out about their own situations.

Nearing the end of the season, Underwood visited four of the women’s hometowns and families, asking their fathers for their blessing if he chose to marry them. All but one father said yes, subsequently the woman he saw the most potential with, Cassie Randolph.

After narrowing it down to three women, he began the fantasy suites. After his first one, he continued on to his one on one date with Randolph, concluded that she was the one he wanted to be engaged with at the end, but she did not have the same idea. Randolph decided she was not ready for marriage and left.

Upset, Underwood jumped an eight foot fence in Portugal and ran away from the show for around half an hour until the team found him. He decided he didn’t want anyone but Randolph and would break up with the other two remaining women later the next day.

After a hard day, he returned to Randolph to state that he would wait on engagement as long as she would be open to only dating. They went to Spain later that week to meet Underwood’s family and get their approval, which they did.

The Bachelor ended unexpectedly rather than in an engagement, but in a cordial relationship.

After four months, Underwood and Randolph revealed that they have had a very healthy relationship since the show and have discussed marriage.

Subsequently, one of the popular women, Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama 2018, was named the new Bachelorette for the upcoming season.

Season 23 was an exciting, yet unexpected season of the Bachelor, making for a great ending.