South Pointe Baseball’s Newest Addition

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Former MLB player and coach, Melvin Wearing, was hired to become the head coach of the Stallion’s baseball team.

Wearing began his baseball career at West Haven High School in New Haven, Conn., recruited collegiately for football by Norfolk State University. There he played football, but also tried out for the baseball team, surprising his coaches because they had no knowledge of his baseball skills.

Excelling in his sport, he made his name in college, getting drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 1988.

Walking into the Orioles locker room like any regular day, he met his new teammate, baseball Hall-of-Famer, Cal Ripken. Playing for the Orioles for six years, he gained great experience as well as friendships, including Ripken, in his eyes, the greatest player he has ever met.

Ripken made a memorable impact on Wearing, seeing him a not only as friend, but a leader, whether he was playing with or against him.

He was versatile player, drafted as a catcher for the Orioles, later being transitioned to left field, right field, then first base.

After six years with the Orioles, he became an international player for the Rochester Red Wings, traveling abroad to areas like Australia, Canada, Korea and Mexico. Ending his playing career in 1997, Wearing began his first coaching job with the Bridgeport Bluefish as a Bench Coach, setting him up for employment as the hitting instructor.

As coaching opportunities arose, Wearing continued to develop players skills in baseball. After 15 years with the Bridgeport Bluefish, he moved to the Charlotte Nationals to help coach 8 to 12 year olds.

As the players got older and more developed in their sport, he moved to continue coaching and training with them on the Canes Baseball team of NC/SC.

Advancing his coaching career at Liping High School, he kept in touch with a fellow Norfolk State alumni, South Pointe’s principal, Dr. Marty Conner.

Conner made sure to contact Wearing if there was ever an opening in the baseball program at South Pointe. Once the former Head Coach, Bradley Rudisill, resigned, Conner made a call to who he saw was best fit for the position, Wearing.

Joining South Pointe, he immediately saw not only his team, but the school as a whole, as an “awesome environment”, led by Dr. Conner who “helps the school excel academically as well as teaching discipline”.

Senior, Tyren Turner, views Wearing as not only a great coach, but a mentor.

“He has never steered us in the wrong direction and he provides positive feedback and tips that help boost our confidence instead of downplaying our performance”, said Turner when asked about Wearing’s coaching style.

A coach of more than 14 years, Wearing stands as an example for his players to “never look back”.

“He shows that we should never look back by never dwelling on a single incident or a single game. He always say to do one thing better the next day so we will stay looking ahead,” said Senior, Dreu Bodiford, when asked about his motto.

Wearing has led the Stallions to gain a 7-6-1 record, closing the season off in a few weeks.