South Pointe’s PROGENY Presents Hispanic Heritage Month


Hayden Fowler and Carly Kennedy

On Oct. 3, 2019, South Pointe’s diversity and cultural celebration organization, PROGENY, led by advisor Mrs. Dawson and co-advisors Ms. Hall and Mr. Chintapalli, presented “Honoring our Heritage: Building our Future”, a program celebrating and honoring Hispanic culture.

Hosted by PROGENY President Ta’Shiyah Alexander and Vice President Emily Bryson, the program featured musical performances by South Pointe’s Chorus, Gospel Choir, and senior Alexia Rodriguez. An original piece of spoken poetry by Youjaye Daniels and Ana Geronimo was also presented as well as a short documentary by SPiN Wired and SPiN TV’s very own Maliik Cooper, Cassidy Clark, and Hayden Fowler.

Finalizing and highlighting the program was South Pointe’s Guidance Secretary, Mr. Eduardo Rivera. Rivera shared his story of his life as a Honduran native and his struggles of being an immigrant in America. The moving story-telling experience truly exemplified Hispanic Heritage in America.

PROGENY’s work at South Pointe has become vital to giving students a voice and promoting the acceptance of diversity throughout the school and other communities. Much more work is expected and anticipated by many.


Photos by: Carly Kennedy