South Pointe’s Angels


Gabby Heyward, Anchor

Following the loss of two students, on the morning of Sept. 5th, 2019, students, teachers,and family alike gathered at the flagpole in front of South Pointe High School.  They exchanged stories, laughs, and tears while reminiscing over the loss of two beloved students. La’Quyan Rambert and Liliyan Williams were lost in a car crash over Labor Day weekend, and the entire South Pointe family has been affected.

The clouds matched the gloomy mood of the day. The small ceremony started with students sharing stories about their friends.

Regina Brackett shared some of her thoughts on losing La’Quyan by saying, “it affected me in a negative way because I lost a brother and a friend. It’s an indescribable pain.”

La’Quyan’s family received the support with a lot of hugs and tears. La’Quyan’s mother was grateful for the opportunity to get to know her son in a new light.

The ceremony also included a balloon release that was followed by even more emotion.

CJ Owens was also hurt by the horrific incident saying, “that smile meant so much to so many people, especially me. He lifted me up when I was down. I will never get that again… I lost a major part of me.”

Director of FCA, a woman known as Ms. Leigh Anne, led a prayer to watch over South Pointe as students, staff and family grieved the loss of the two students, and prayed for the two recovering students as well.

Anyone you ask will say the same about Liliyan, these students were a joy to all who knew them. South Pointe offered grievance counseling to students following these events, and the healing process is gradually taking place. Although, we have lost the students, we still have come together, loving and supporting each other.