Varsity Volleyball Senior Night: A Night of Reflection


Madison Doster, Business Editor

The Lady Stallions Volleyball team had their senior night on Tuesday, Oct. 15th, where they recognized each of the seniors on the team and shared their goals and plans for the future. This night means so much to the seniors because it causes them to reflect back upon their past four years as a member of the team and all of their accomplishments. 

The seniors on the team include Halle Wilson, Sydney Westphal, Jai Russell, and Maddie Smith. These players have been a part of the volleyball team since freshmen year and have set an example for the younger players on the team. 

Chaella Woodson, who passed away this time last year, was a part of the team during her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Woodson was recognized on this night and the tribute to her was beautiful. Jayda Woodson, Chaella’s younger sister, is a member of the South Pointe Volleyball Junior Varsity team and was alongside her parents when Chaella was recognized. 

Sydney Westphal said, “having Jayda represent Chaella while walking out really made me realize that no matter how much time goes by, we will always hold Chaella in our hearts.” 

When asked how it felt to have her senior night, Halle Wilson stated, “I am really sad it’s senior night…being apart of this team has just meant the world to me.” 

The seniors are making sure to enjoy each and every second of being on the court and surrounded by their teammates since the season is coming to an end.

Photos by: Hayden Fowler