Recruiting Glory: The Real Story


Photo by Hayden Fowler

Katia George , Anchor

From a young age, sports quickly become an athletes’ life. Time is spent running from school to practice and from practice to other activities. It takes extreme dedication to balance social and educational aspects of life when sports are thrown into the mix. Blood, sweat, tears, and more go behind the scenes for many athletes, even some here at South Pointe High School.

South Pointe is known for its athletic talent in all sports and many players get recruited to continue their education and play their respective sport in college. In the recruiting process, student athletes have the opportunity to receive a discounted tuition and play the sport they love for another four years. However, a lot of pressure goes behind the process, from the influence of family members to the endless hours of perfecting your craft.

Senior student athlete, Kayt Houston, who is committed to Appalachian State University for softball says that the recruiting process is very stressful.

With a smile, the softball star says, “It’s not always the easiest to make mistakes in front of coaches.”

While playing in college is a priority for Houston, education is her first priority and getting to play a sport in college is just an added benefit.

Senior soccer player, Zoe Kennedy believes it was financially the best option to commit to the University of Bridgeport. The player also said that she would’ve started with a more “open mindset” when it came time to browse for the best fit.

However, getting committed isn’t as easy as it seems despite hard work and dedication. Timing also makes a difference. Senior volleyball captain, Halle Wilson, has not committed to play volleyball in college and says it is not a priority for her after reevaluating her path.

Gazing intensely with a regretful tone, Wilson says she started getting herself out there too late. “I would’ve gotten myself out there during my freshman and sophomore year.”

Girls Basketball Coach, Stephanie Butler-Graham, feels that the recruiting process has evolved significantly especially in the last few years with NCAA rule changes. She believes that the services and training option offered nowadays is a double-edged sword making it “difficult to navigate” due to increased requirements in performance and academics. She also believes there is a lot of misjudgment due to less seasoned recruiters and lack of resources for some players. Overall, she stresses that academics, strength and condition, nutrition, and extra hours give huge distinctions.

Overall, every player in all sports have contrasting but similar stress-filled experiences. Kayt Houston says her biggest piece of advice is to “make sure you’re all in and it’s a job and you need to love every aspect of it.”

Halle Wilson says, “Don’t be afraid to fail and get yourself out there.” All of the extra hours, tears, and dedication lead up to something greater that could result in a unique 4-year college experience.

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