Magnificent McElheney: Teacher Feature on Kymrie McElheney

Anne Kiser, Managing Editor

Where did you first start teaching?

“My first job was at Cuba-Rushford high school, in Cuba New York, south of Buffalo.”


What brought you to South Pointe?

“I was teaching in Charlotte, NC for four years and I needed to be closer to home and South Pointe is the closest, but they also was the first school to grab me at the new teachers fair and tell me not to talk to anyone else”


Why did you move?

“About 10 years ago, New York did a big teacher cut, so when I went to find a job there were thousands of teachers in New York looking for jobs, so I started looking south and heard that Charlotte was hiring.”


How do you feel about your transition to South Pointe?

“It’s been a great transition. Admin, teachers and students have been great. It’s been super smooth without any issues.”


What is your favorite class to teach and why?

“I originally thought I was gonna hate probability and statistics because I had never taught it before, but it actually ended up being my favorite class because we could do more projects and activities with it. It was more than just solving equations”