A Successful Senior Swim Season: Student Feature on Tanner Roberts

Kieu Mai, Photographer/Social Media

How do you juggle swimming, school work, and social life at the same time?

“I juggle swimming, school work, and social life by just taking one thing at a time. I just set aside time for each one because I feel they are all pretty important. So when I’m not at practice I’m doing homework and when I don’t have homework I’m hanging out with friends.”


In all your years of swimming for South Pointe, what did you personally accomplish?

In all my years of swimming at South Pointe, I  personally accomplished a better work ethic. I learned how to evaluate where I was a swimmer and as a person and set goals then work on them one by one.”


What struggles has the team faced and how has the team overcome them?

“One main struggle our team had was the amount of injured team members. We had a few swimmers who had injuries and we had to use our younger and newer swimmers to step up and take the roles of those who were hurt.”


What are your future aspirations and does it include swimming?

“My future aspirations do not include swimming but they are to attend North Greenville University and study youth ministry and find a career in that.”


How did the season go? What big accomplishments were made?

This year’s swim season was a great season because of the new members joining and growing our team. We had a team accomplishment of winning region as well as many individual accomplishments.”