Masking through Corona

Photo Credits: LucyBridalBoutique,

Cassidy Clark, Editor-in-Chief

While the global pandemic known as COVID-19, has been floating around the only thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind is a cure. And even though there’s been talk about a vaccine and which vegetables will help with prevention, another suggestion is masks. Surgical masks.


Although this virus has affected the fashion industry, these masks seem to have created a new fad. Designers and manufacturers such as Los Angeles Apparel have put their teams together to make surgical masks and hospital gowns. Founder Dov Charney, thinks his factory will be able to produce 50,000 gowns and 300,000 masks a week.


Another big name in fashion, Christian Siriano is planning on making masks in hopes to produce at least a few thousand a week.


These two big names are designer their own washable, reusable masks that will be medical grade to meet F.D.A standards. These masks will be stylist with patterns, and a great help to doctors and health professionals.


While it seems that designers around the world are perfecting a surgical mask, the big question stands: Can wearing a surgical mask actually protect against the corona virus? No, according to the CDC, a surgical mask is only beneficial if you are the one ill. If you are not, you don’t need to wear one unless you are caring for someone who is sick, which is usual protocol in health fields.

Photo: Francesca Volpi/Bloomberg/Getty Images