Stay at Home; The Earth Needs You Too


Photo by Kieu Mai

Anne Kiser, Managing Editor

Being quarantined due to COVID-19 has not been easy for us as human beings. Being told to stay inside is not what we are used to; however, good has come out of this. While we’re told to stay inside, it has given the earth a chance to reset and rest after being worn down by humans. Many environmentalists are praising COVID-19 for giving the Earth the break it needs.

Air quality is one of the most noticeable changes in largely polluted areas according to ABCNews, such as Italy and China. Less cars on the road means less CO2 and gasses being put into the environment. Air quality has dramatically improved in those areas. Another unexpected environmental change is Venice’s clear canals. The canals have not been used recently because of COVID-19 which has allowed the waters to clear up. With less tourists and pollution then the waters are pretty again.

Another good change this pandemic has brought is the effect on wildlife around us. Animals have had more roam to move how they please and not have to deal with humans as much. Many animals have become more nocturnal because of human patterns, but with less humans being out in the daylight, many animals have started going out more in the daytime.

While this pandemic brings uncertainty and hardships during this time, there is good news coming out of this new change. While we are told to stay home and be distant from one another, the Earth has earned a needed break from the busy life us humans live.