Pandemic Parenting

Photo by Teague Herring

Photo by Teague Herring

Hunter Demby, Business Editor

It is no secret that the Coronavirus caused many families to be quarantined in their homes. This has made many Rock Hill students and parents to have mixed feeling on the whole safety process. This virus has caused parents to step up and learn a new job, also known as teacher.

It is hard switching from what was normal to this new normal. Many moms are missing their old schedules, especially Jennifer Polston. Jennifer is now responsible for make sure that her three kids are still getting their education throughout all of this chaos. While she doesn’t mind working at home and spending some extra hours with her kids, Jennifer misses her old schedule.

“It is equal parts of wonderful and hard. I love spending time with my kids. I’ve had several very special moments with them that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. But it is also hard to keep everyone entertained and keep their school work done along with mine.” Polston stated.

While Jennifer misses her old schedule, Grace Medford doesn’t. Grace said she loves having a schedule, but just doesn’t miss her old one. Her old routine caused her to get up at 5 every morning just to get her two kids everywhere on time. This for Grace is like a blessing in disguise. She now has more time to care for her family and her home.

“I am happy to get more time with my babies! I do wish I could have this time with them even after the virus is gone.” Medford explained.

Many parents are having to get creative with their time. It is very hard to be stuck in your home all day but Teague and Mattie Zo make it work. While this can be a very hard time in our lives, Teague trust God to bring her through it.

“My daughter loves to draw so the house is now covered in her original artwork.” Teague voiced.

Other parents love this whole online learning deal. Smith believes that it keeps her mind young with what they are teaching kids in middle school nowadays.

“I’ve really been enjoying working with my kids on their online learning. The teachers have been super supportive and helpful. We have all been a little more relaxed.” Smith added.

Each parent’s taking this virus one step at a time. They are all hoping that this virus goes away soon in hopes for a nice summer.