COVID-19’s Impact on Hospitals


Tori Johnson, Opinion Editor

Covid-19 has definitely taken a lot of things away from us. Schools are closed, people are laid off, and hospitals are over flowing. Not to mention we’re also running low on supplies to care for the patients. Stay at home orders have been placed and only a certain number of people can gather at a time but it is still not recommended to go out unless it’s essential.

Piedmont hospital has released a few articles talking about how covid-19 has affected us in all ways. One that stood out to me was talking about mental health.

Humans’ stress and worry all the time but when we have a natural routine we tend to not stress as much. Without a routine were constantly thinking and stressing. This can lower our immune system and cause us to be at a higher risk of getting sick.

We still need our natural daily routines and we also need to find ways to stay calm. Even if you’re not working you can still find a good amount of things to do wherever you are. You can exercise and/or deep clean your room. You can always find stuff to do at home and make it your new daily routine. Do what you need to do to keep yourself calm and stress free.

As hospital bed after hospital beds are filling up so are our cases. Materials are needed but sometimes they can’t get there in time and we end up behind. Other than the usual stress of a pandemic Piedmont continues to enforce healthy procedures and even gives out some tips for mental health. All in all they seem to be handling all of this pretty well so people don’t panic.

Promoting good health is the biggest thing I’ve seen and read about Piedmont so far. Social distancing and staying home, staying 6-10 feet away from people in public, wearing masks and gloves, and most importantly unless you have Covid-19 no going to see patients in the hospitals. It’s better to stay away from others during this time because germs spread fast and even faster in big groups of people. To keep us all safe Piedmont hospitals continues to remind us that we need to follow the guidelines and it will be over soon.

As a huge hospital I cannot imagine the stress of the employees, working over 12 hours shifts. Constantly having to be back and forth between home and work. And most importantly not being able to see their children.

My older cousin is currently working at the children’s hospital that I go to for my doctor’s appointments. The way they have her schedule set up is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Her son stays with his father and at daycare while she works then when she’s home her husband is off to work. They both have pretty busy lives and they wish it was all over and for their lives to go back to normal. Everyone wants this and as the media continues to assure us we will get through this.