Quarantined and Calm

Quarantined and Calm

Liliana Nevarez, Illustrator

Whether we like to admit it or not, everyday life put many stresses on us that may be hard to manage, so it’s no secret that mental health is just as important as physical health. However, what happens when your usual stress relieving activities are taken away? What about going out to eat or enjoying a movie? With the current state of the nation and lack of vitamin D, here is how to keep your Zen during a worldwide Pandemic.

On March 23rd, the government announced its “Safer at home” treaty, which gave 9 states a curfew and shut down most all outside activity. On March 26th, 6 states turned into 21 and then 30 on the 30th. Now that citizens are collectively staying inside to be safe, never having the house can be a bit detrimental and boring. According to the Center of Disease Control “Spending time in quarantine can take a serious mental toll. Part of the reason for this is the impact that quarantine has on three key elements of mental health Autonomy, Competency, and Connectedness.” The CDC also stated that when isolated you feel anxious and without control. This causes feelings of Fear, Sadness, Insomnia, Confusion, Anger, and Depressive symptoms.

Here are some recommended tasks to help cope with quarantine. First, establishing a routine is a very important and useful chore. One of the most dissatisfying issues of the pandemic is the disruption of everyday life, so establishing a routine to your liking can be a well thought out way to keep your day full.

Secondly, be active. It’s proven that the hormones released during any kind of exercise help fight depression and let you feel more comforted. Something as simple as yoga or afternoon stretches will positives outcomes.

Lastly is communication, now is the best time to talk to your loved ones. There is a temporary ban on social gatherings of more than three people so seeing distant loved ones is difficult in this time but by reaching out with a simple text or call can bring about a calming emotion.

Remember that you are not alone in this situation or in how you feel, these hard times have affected everyone. By staying inside you are flattening the curve and preventing the spread of the Corona Virus. Social distancing is the best defense against this new illness and your extra measures taken are not going unnoticed. This is a scary time for all. When you think about why you are doing this it’s all worth it. Although a lot of the things we love have been put on pause, by making these sacrifices it is important to save ourselves from unnecessary stresses.