D1 Football Player: Student Feature on J’Zavien Currence

Photo Credit: Football University, Instagram

Photo Credit: Football University, Instagram

Anh Mai & Grayson Jones, Staff Writer & Assistant Design & Layout

Dirt flying. The crowd screams in excitement as South Pointe Varsity Football Player J’Zavien Currence runs his way down to another touchdown down the football field at the last game of the season!

But, who really is the football player? Who is J’Zavien Currence? J’Zavien Currence is a Freshman Varsity Football player at South Pointe High School. He’s 6’2 and weighs 165. He currently has offers to play football at D1, Charlotte, Arkansas, East Carolina, and South Carolina.

When did you first know that you wanted to play football? Did people ever discourage you?
“[I] started playing football when I was four [years old]. Discouraged? Mmm, nah, I ain’t never been discouraged to play football.”

What is the importance of football to you?
“Football is my family’s vibe, it’s fun to watch, it’s fun.”

Why did you choose football over any other sport?
“‘Cause, it’s just more fun, to be honest, really.”

What are your future goals and does it include football?
“[I want] to play [football] at the University of Florida.”

What are your motivations?
“My motivations would have to be my dad, my mom, and my brother. Really just my family and other people that are or have been good at football.”

How would you like to be remembered?
“As a great person. To leave a mark on the Earth as a great person.”

What is something you would tell someone who is scared to do something in athletics?
“Something I would tell them would be just… just go out and play, work harder and you’re bound to be good at something.”

As time goes on J’Zavien Currence could help lead South Pointe’s football team back into the National Football Championship. Coach Collins, Head Coach of the South Pointe Football team, states, “He is a great player by his practice habits. First guy on the field, last guy to leave, and works hard everyday.” Support J’Zavien Currence at our future South Pointe football games!