Stallions weigh in on prom

These prom dresses are on sale at Song's Fashions. They have a variety of styles to suit anyone's tastes.
These prom dresses are on sale at Song’s Fashions. They have a variety of styles to suit anyone’s tastes.

It’s about that time of the year again ladies; prom is just around the corner. April 13, the date of this year’s prom, will be the day most girls have looked forward to since they were little girls. From the fancy dresses, to the perfect hair and makeup, girls have different images of how they will look on their prom day. It is a day full of planning, appointments, and chaos, but it is also a day people will remember for the rest of their lives.

Girls spend hours at a time flipping through prom magazines and scrolling through multiple websites to find their dream dress. From the Cinderella ball gowns to form-fitting dresses, girls have different styles that help to express who they are as a person.

“The type of dress girls wear strongly depends on what fits both their personality and their body shape,” says an employee from Song’s Fashion on East Main Street. Song’s is a store that sells prom dresses, pageant wear, and dresses for other formal occasions. Their prices can range from $59.99 up to $299. The price varies on how fancy the dress is.

We asked some Stallions these questions:
1. Do you think it’s too soon to get your dress? What time do you think is best to start looking?
2. Do you prefer online dress shopping or in store?
3. Do you prefer a short or long dress?
4. Do you know any good or cheap stores to shop for a dress?
5. Is there a type of dress that you don’t like?

Labrica Hall
Labrica Hall, senior

1. No, February.
2. Online, because it’s cheaper.
3. Long dresses, because they’re elegant and better for seniors. Short dresses are more for juniors.
4. American Diva
5. Mermaid dresses, because they look like a fish.


Logan Duncan, junior
Logan Duncan, junior

1. No, the sooner the better.
2. In store so you’ll know if it fits or not.
3. Long because it’s “flowey.”
4. No.
5. I don’t like straight dresses.


Amber Thomas, Senior
Amber Thomas, senior

1. No. January, because it’s not too late or too early.
2. In store, so I can see what it looks like before I buy it.
3. Long dresses.
4. David’s Bridal is cheap.
5. Dresses that have too many sequins. I like simple dresses.


Caitlin Moss, Junior
Caitlin Moss, junior

1. No, two months before.
2. In store because you have to make sure it fits you.
3. Long because they’re pretty.
4. I don’t know of any places.
5. Not really.

Article and pictures by Erin Fields