Junior varsity quarterback receives Player of the Week recognition


“I want to be able to fly just like Superman,” sophomore Marveon Mobley stated. Standing exactly six feet, and weighing 172 pounds, Mobley is the quarterback for the South Pointe High School’s junior varsity football team. Being the quarterback puts a lot of pressure on Mobley. Seeing that he is a leader and takes his time to run plays, it can be a hard pill to swallow.

Smooth, quick, and patient are three words Mobley used to describe himself on the field. Mobley feels Blythewood was his best game so far. That makes sense; he scored four touchdowns and was essential to victory.

“Marveon has great potential,” Coach Strait Herron stated. Mobley also suits up for games on Friday nights to contribute to the success of the varsity football team. By getting out there on the field with the varsity team he gets a great experience that he can take back to the JV team.

Mobley sees himself on the field as number seven, Michael Vick, who is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. “We both are left handed and our throwing skills are really good,” said Mobley.

Despite his skills in football, basketball is really the sport Mobley is passionate about. However, his love for basketball doesn’t affect his performance on the field. He plays his heart out and leads his team to victories; of course, he does it with the help of his Stallion teammates.

Mobley brings his A-game every practice and every Thursday night. Each time his cleats touch the field, he plays his hardest. He is proud to be the backbone of his team, especially knowing that his team holds a 4-0 record.

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Article and gallery by Jakeviyonna Sanders, reporter