Davis balances spikes and pom poms to earn Player of the Week


At five feet, nine inches, with milk chocolate skin and long black hair, senior Kelsey Davis is a Kelly Rowland look alike. Despite her sweet, humble look, you will never forget her fun and outgoing personality when you meet her.

When people think of Davis, they think of her track and cheerleading career but what most people don’t know is that Davis can sing. She doesn’t think she’s American Idol material, but she can hit a note or two.

Davis is an incredible artist who is currently taking Art 4.

Davis also cheerleads during the fall, but if she wasn’t cheerleading, she would be playing volleyball. She loves sports, so therefore she will be playing a sport regardless.

“Crazy as hell, cool, pretty, athletic,” are the ways Davis says her friends describe her. When Davis isn’t running track or cheerleading, she spends her time with friends. Hanging out and doing crazy childish things sums up her time spent with her friends.

Davis’ hero is her mother because she said her mother motivates her. Davis is the only child and usually gets what she wants, but being an only child has its ups and its downs.

“It’s great at times but when I get aggravated with my parents I have no one to go to,” Davis said.

Davis remembers when she was 3 her mom would put her in bed and when her mom came back Davis would be under the bed, fast asleep.

Davis is a graduating senior who plans on walking the stage with a track state ring.

Along with wanting to be remembered for her personality, Davis says she wants to also be remembered for track. Track brings out her strengths. Davis’ most successful time was in middle school.

“I’ve been running track since seventh grade”, Davis said. That’s when she became so passionate about track.

Davis began her track career with running the 4×1, 400, and 4×4, all of which she excelled at.

Track is not just a sport for Davis; it is a way of life. “Track is life,” says Davis. There’s nothing she could see herself doing if she didn’t run. Track keeps her in shape and may be her way to a good college.

Davis’ family and friends push her to be the best she can be in track, and anything else she wants to peruse in life. She also motivates herself by doing what she has to do, every time her spikes touch the track.

Davis earned a Region championship in the 4×4 in 2012, which was her junior year in high school. She put in hard work every day at practice and succeeded.

Track is something Davis plans on pursuing further when she gets out of high school. “I do plan on running track in college. I’m working on scholarships,” Davis said.

The senior champion hopes to continue her track career at Claflin University, where she would major in biology.

Sanya Richards-Ross influences Davis to run.  She is the 2012 400 meter Olympic gold medalist.

Davis’ biggest fear is not becoming what she wants in life. That’s why she tries her best in everything she does.  Davis runs track to reach the goals that she sets for herself.

“In her zone” are words you hear her teammates say when Davis is getting ready for a meet. When Davis is “in her zone” you know to leave her alone. Davis listens to music and gets herself hype for her meet or any other sporting event she has to get ready for.

Davis has to face a big challenge every day. Davis has scoliosis, which is the abnormal curving of the spine, and it affects her athletic performance at times.

“My back hurts from time to time,” Davis said. This doesn’t stop Davis from reaching her goals and being the best she can be.

Davis is the captain of South Pointe High School’s track team. She shows very good leadership. Davis also pushes her teammates to reach goals that they set for each track meet.

Davis has a lot going for her when it comes to sports and academics. If she keeps at it, she can become an optometrist, like she wants.

Article by Breanna Davis, contributor

Pictures and cutlines by Sierra Gilmore

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