‘American Sniper’ leaves local audiences silent

American Sniper movie poster (2015)

The stunning movie “American Sniper” has left audiences at Manchester Cinemas in total silence. Director Clint Eastwood evokes tears with his handling of this breath-taking real life story, which has received six Oscar and 17 other award nominations. The amazing stars, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, helped to pull off this shocking drama. The movie portrays the amazing real-life story of the deadliest sniper in America.

Using Chris Kyle’s autobiography, “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,” Eastwood brought the Kyle’s real-life story to the world. The movie opens with Kyle’s (Cooper) life-altering decision, which gets him his nickname ‘The Legend,’ a name he lives up to with over 160 kills as a Navy SEAL sniper. The movie presents Kyle’s life, starting from the day he enlisted, when he was still a cowboy riding in bull competitions. It goes on to show how he met his spectacular wife Taya (Miller) and started a family. The movie’s passionate war scenes, in which lives are lost and people become heroes, make it an award contender.

Cooper’s emotional impact on the story helps to connect it to the audience on a personal level–This is his very best role. From either being a part of the military or knowing someone in the military, this movie will affect how they perceive each other. The technical aspect of the movie was good in matching sounds so it could be silent or blasting gun shots; both were used to further affect the audiences’ feelings towards the characters.

In spite of sound effects and great sets, Eastwood faltered in spending extra money to make a believable scene with a live baby. In one scene of the movie Kyle and Tara are talking while trying to put their baby to sleep; it is very noticeable that the baby is not real because it never moves, even with realistic sound added to the scene later. Other problems were associated with Kyle’s connection to family, which did not seem as important as it could have been portrayed in the movie.

Despite a couple of faults, “American Sniper” is a thrilling movie that will leave viewers speechless. It has passionate and action-packed scenes that will entertain a varied audience. Although it’s rated R, teenagers of all ages are finding a way to see it. Out of five stars this movie receives a four because of prop problems, but overall has an overpowering and marvelous storyline. “American Sniper” is the must-see stunning movie of the new year.

By Alicia Howley, entertainment editor