ISS has its good and bad points

ISS (In-school suspension) is a discipline place where you go when you get in trouble or did something you weren’t supposed to do.

Being in ISS is not fun. When you go in there, you get put in a block cell that is like 3×4 feet of space with the wall written all over with bad things about South Pointe. But you get information from the walls,  like who was in ISS or who’s dating who, what gangs people hate, or how students describe certain administrators they are mad at for putting them into lockup. For example, somebody wrote “Mr. Belk Nose Be On Fleek.”

Good thing about ISS is Coach Gerald Peake. Even though he seems all tough when you first come in, when you’re in there for a while you learn he’s pretty cool. He gives you like a 10-minute break and he talks to the people in there and makes jokes and laughs with them. He plays music–I mean its old school music, but it’s entertainment. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was reviewing for EOC’s. Coach Peake helped me with a study schedule that will help me.

ISS is a pretty cool (cold, actually, because of the air conditioning) fun but boring place, but it is a place that some people don’t want to be, no matter, because they can’t talk to their friends, can’t leave school like they always do. You just sit there not saying a word unless you’re spoken to by Coach Peake.

If you don’t want to be in ISS, do things the right way: live the South Pointe Way. You should only come to ISS if you are a football player asking questions about practice or in there to get a tardy pass. Because if you’re in there, you might not like it. Or you just might.

Nyra Locke, contributor

The ISS room is located right next to the cafeteria.
The ISS room is located right next to the cafeteria.