Cookie line creates problems

The cookies at South Pointe are great. Not only are they delicious, but profits go to a good cause. The profits benefit the special education program to help buy necessary materials for the kids as well as to provide job skills. Despite the reasonable cost and the great taste, there are some problems with distribution.
The cookies are sold in the middle of A-hall at all three lunches. When teachers release students from second block, the cookies sales congest the main hallway to the cafeteria. With the majority of students leaving A-hall, there is a guarantee that the cookie line will create a traffic jam.
The blockage of the hallway raises several issues. First, it is an inconvenience to the students who are trying to get to their next classes, causing some to be tardy. Also some students are trying to be first in the line for lunch. This clutter creates a safety hazard by blocking the hallway entrances and exits.
With these problems comes a need for improvement. The cookie line clutter could be easily fixed if it is moved to a different location. Since the cookies are sold at lunch, they should be sold in the lunch room. This would eliminate a great percentage of traffic in the hallways, allowing students enough time to get to their classes. It would also eliminate people who don’t have lunch yet from stopping to buy cookies on the way to class. Students should only buy cookies and eat the in the cafeteria.
The change might increase cookie sales. Not only would people buy more cookies, but they would be happier too.
By Josh Dantzler and Kaylea Dresner, contributors

Photo taken by: Molli Helms.  The cookie line in the middle of A hall.
Photo taken by: Molli Helms.
The cookie line in the middle of A hall.