Does South Pointe have a bug problem??

Lately at South Pointe, I have noticed various types of bugs in the hallways and the classrooms.

I was walking down the hallway when I saw this huge worm wiggling around. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed it, but everyone was walking past it like it wasn’t something new. I started searching around, looking for more and found two more squirming around.

Photo taken by Molli Helms
Photo taken by Molli Helms

After researching these worms, I came to realize that they were grub worms. I became curious to see if these insects could cause any disease or harm to us. I found that these worms are not harmful to humans, but that still doesn’t make it okay that they’re inside our school.

Every day since I discovered them, I check the spot where I first saw them and always see at least one or two squirming around.

These worms aren’t the only bug problem. Spiders seem to like it here too. One time in the bathroom, I noticed a huge spider just crawling around. I don’t think it was poisonous, but it’s still not sanitary.

Photo taken by Molli Helms
Photo taken by Molli Helms

Also, there seems to be a lot of cockroaches here at South Pointe. I’ve seen cockroaches in the hallway, which are usually dead from a student stepping on them. Usually when I’ve seen them in the classroom, it’s because a student screams, “Cockroach, someone kill it!”

When we asked South Pointe’s building maintenance man, Ron Cauthen, he said he does realize the problem we have, but he claimed, “I can’t kill the birds’ food.” He also said that if the custodians don’t sweep the worms up at the beginning of the day, then the worms are gonna be there all day.

The custodial supervisor of South Pointe, Samuel Peay, said he thinks we have a problem with ants and spiders, but he can’t do anything about it because he isn’t allowed to spray any chemicals inside the school. The only thing he can have done is have Orkin come and spray outside the building, which still isn’t gonna help the inside bug infestation.

I think the school should be allowed to spray inside because the problem is so bad. I also think the custodians should be made to sweep up the worms in the morning everyday, so we don’t have to be surrounded by them.

Hopefully when the weather changes, the bugs won’t be as bad. Either way, it’s still not an excuse for having worms crawling around the hallways, or ants and spiders in the bathrooms. We need to get this problem fixed immediately.

By Molli Helms, opinion editor