South Pointe community affected by flood in Columbia

Late last week, Columbia suffered from a destrictive flood, that caused many people to be stuck inside their homes for days. Many of the roads were demonlished; a few died and suffered numerous injuries.

There are two bridges that connect West Columbia and Columbia and they are currently unavailable. That is one of the reasons that people are are unable to get to downtown Columbia. In downtown, many of the restaurants were over the roof flooded with water.

The University of South Carolina was without electricity, as of yesterday. All of the students are having to use porta- potties because of the flood.

As a result, the University of South Carolina cancelled school for the rest of this week.

Former Stallion and current senior at the Univeristy of South Carolina, Taylor Synder has been drastically affected by the flood this week.

This past Sunday she was completely out of a source of running water in her apartment. Also, Synder was unable to flush the toliet because it would be wasting water that needed to be conserved. She was not able to take a shower since Friday, until she arrived in Rock Hill yesterday. Luckily, she was able to put four pots of water on her stove to brush her teeth with.

Synder said, “It was crazy, I didn’t realize how much running water we use. I have no idea what I would do if we did not have it.”

She was not just affected by the lack of water but also the power outage. Her air conditioning was out a whole entire day. She was unable to go outside because there was about two feet of water outside of her apartment.

Synder stated, “Air conditioning is key in Columbia cause its kind of hot.”

Thankfully her car was not ruined nor her apartment, since she lives on the third floor. However, one of her best friends lives on the river and had to evacuate Friday because her entire apartment was destroyed.

Synder reflects, “We weren’t nervous about it.”

Many of people in the Rock Hill community are helping to support this disaster.

Stallion junior Josh Arrington and his church, North Rock Hill Baptist, contributed to help local people in Columbia. He stated, “Over the weekend, my church was collecting bottled water and individually wrapped snack foods to send down to Columbia to help relieve some of those affected from the flood.”

North Rock Hill Church collecting water for flood victims.
North Rock Hill Church collecting water for flood victims.

The Environmental Science Club here at South Pointe is also collecting bottles of water from now until tomorrow to assist the people in Columbia.

By Shelby Beckler, sports and news editor