Restaurant Review: Thoughts on local bakery

With the cooler weather approaching, Nova’s Bakery is the perfect place to grab a warm drink, sit back, and relax. The building is small, but gives a cozy atmosphere. Overall, I think that Nova’s Bakery is a great place to go and enjoy nice food, refreshments, and service.

Nova’s is located near Winthrop University on Cherry Road. The bakery attracts many college students, bicyclists, and various others around the area.

While there, I ordered a Caramel Frappe. I really enjoyed the drink. It was very sweet, which complimented the coffee flavor. The whipped cream gave the drink a light, fluffy feel.

The small Caramel Frappes from Nova's Bakery
The small Caramel Frappes from Nova’s Bakery.

Not only do they have exceptional drinks, but they also have a wide variety of muffins, breads,and pastries. For the fall season, they are making several different foods and drinks with pumpkin.

The various foods served at Nova's.
The various foods served at Nova’s.

The prices are very reasonable compared to most other bakeries and coffee shops. They also give discounts to college students in the area. Although this is great for college students, high schoolers do not get discounts, which is disappointing.

The service was very nice. They were well-mannered and diligent workers. The problem is that there are usually only two workers at Nova’s at one time, which could cause a problem if the bakery becomes too busy.

With all this being said, I give Nova’s Bakery a nine out of 10 because of its reasonable prices, wide selection of food and drinks, and friendly service.

By Kaylea Dresner, copy editor