Stallions express fantasies about winning Powerball

South Pointe teachers were asked what they would do if they won the $700 million in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing. Here are their responses.

Ryan Morrison, math and science teacher:
“Move out west and buy a big ranch.”

Kimberly Yarbrough, social  studies teacher:
“Pay off all my debt, buy my dream car, an orange Hummer, and donate to charity.”

Strait Herron, head varsity football coach:
“Buy 110 football rings for my team, retire and move to the Caribbean, fish and listen to Jimmy Buffet for the rest of my life.”

Jimmy Jester, senior:
“Donate a lot to charities and put the rest towards college.”

Kay Runyans, guidance counselor:
“Pay off all debt. But if I think about it too much I will make myself mad because I will spend the money before I have it. I am going to Cincinnati tomorrow, so I am buying two tickets in every state to further my chances.”

Laura Johnston, spanish teacher:
“Pay off my debt, set up trusts funds for my kids, give money to my family and donate 10% to my church. Invest and give to charities.”

By Kayla Thomason, reporter and Tj Hill, reporter