Emily Faris, loved by many


Yesterday our school lost a beloved beautiful young lady, Emily Elizabeth Faris. She was one in a million.  A soccer player, singer, motivator and an inspiration to others are just a glimpse of how her greatness was shown. She was loved by so many classmates and teachers at South Pointe. Something that separated Emily from others was that she was unique; she embraced everyone with her sweet presence. Emily always wore a smile on her face with her big beautiful dimples, no matter what the circumstances were.

Some may say, they want to leave this earth with no regrets or will be satisfied with just getting by, however Emily did the complete opposite. Her legacy that she left to her classmates, teammates, friends, teachers, and family members was one that no one will ever forget. She carried her love for Christ with her everywhere she went and every chance she had she would share her faith. Emily left a legacy that touched the lives of so many people, including mine.

The first time I met Emily, I remember seeing a huge smile on her face and she greeted me with her amazing presence and open arms; that is something that I will never forget. I had the privilege of meeting her and building my relationship with her playing soccer here at South Pointe. I remember when our coach would ask Emily to work on her goalie skills, she would always do so without hesitation. She was such a selfless person. Emily would never make the game about her nor put any of her teammates down, she would only uplift them with her positive spirit. Emily built character on our team and allowed for lasting relationships that I will never forget.

Without Emily, I would not have learned what it meant to be a selfless person. I would not have many of the relationships I have now. I will be forever grateful for being able to have known Emily for the time that I did.

Emily attained something that only some hope to carry with them while on this Earth; knowing her purpose. Because of her strong faith she was content with knowing that God had a plan for her life. As some may have had an intimate relationship or only heard about Emily, I know that they were touched by her story. May Emily Faris remain in our hearts forever and never be forgotten.

By Shelby Beckler, news editor