Leggings: What’s the real issue?

Dress code regulations have always been a topic of interest and concern for everyone at school. This year especially, leggings have been a controversial subject among students and faculty.

Earlier this school year, wearing leggings or athletic tights with a shirt more than four inches above your knees was considered a violation of dress code and many students were required to either change clothes or were sent home if they were wearing them. Now, it seems as if some teachers strictly enforce the rules, while others do not, leaving students, like myself, confused.

This year, Northwestern and Rock Hill High have applied different rules regarding leggings. According to Rock Hill High’s staff, you are allowed to wear leggings as long as your shirt is long enough to cover your butt.

Many people have wondered whether or not South Pointe had joined the other high schools by altering their dress code restrictions, but obviously they have not.

I was recently dress coded for wearing athletic tights to school. My shirt was long, so I thought it was not an issue. I was sent home to change clothes which took at least 30 minutes and then sent back to class. That day, I saw countless people in the halls wearing the same pants or leggings and they were not forced to change, making me frustrated that I was singled out.

According to Principal Al Leonard, the rules about leggings have not changed at South Pointe and will not get changed until next school year if at all.

“It hasn’t changed this year, but I have talked to the administrative staff and it is something that we are going to take a look at next year. Again, it is what we always do at the end of the year; there is always some styles that come along and we adjust,” Leonard said, “There’s no decision made at this particular point, but every year during the summer we take a look at the dress code and see whether or not we need to fine tune some things.”

I believe that South Pointe should follow the other high schools’ lead next school year and change the regulations with wearing leggings. It is not fair that we are the only high school in Rock Hill that has stricter dress code rules. I think that as long as the shirt is long enough it should not matter.

Also, leggings and athletic tights are simply the trend right now; wearing them is comfortable and stylish. Some who agree with the strict rules on leggings say that they are inappropriate, but they do not expose any skin and are actually just as tight as some jeans and other school-approved clothing. With as much hits girls take in dress code restrictions, leggings should be an exception and should be something we can freely wear.

Overall, it is only just and fair that South Pointe change their rules on leggings. It is our First Amendment right as Americans to be able to have freedom of speech, including freedom to wear what we want. Especially with rapidly changing times and people fighting for equal rights, the school dress code rules should adapt and be modified accordingly. Students should be able to have the right to freely express themselves through their clothing.

By Kaylea Dresner, copy editor